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The Stress of The Dress

If your high school senior son or daughter is obese, and if you think peer pressure and teen socialization is tough as it is, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! No, I’m not talking about the stress of waiting for acceptances to all those college applications.I’m also not referring to the pressures teens [Read more...]

Your Children Are What YOU Eat. Don’t GIVE Your Kids Obesity!

I think it’s safe to say that mostparents are dedicated to their child’s oral, visual and physical well-beingand diligently schedule annual check-ups at the dentist, eye doctor and pediatrician. Why is it, then, that so many of those same parents do NOT put the same emphasis on their kids’eating habits? After all, what [Read more...]

Bariatric and Pediatric Don’t Go Together

Most of the overweight young people I see in the office have overweight or obese parents. Oftentimes, despite a child’s size and health issues or risks, many of these parents are in denial of the consequences of a do-nothing attitude, and they are resistant to acknowledging the role they played in their child’s obesity. [Read more...]

The Big Fat Blame Game

Think about this: According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,obesity most often develops from ages 5 to 6or during the teen years, anda child who is obese between the ages of 10 and 13 has an 80% chance of becoming an obese adult.* A study of parents of over 2,000 [Read more...]

Fat Kids: The Role of Parents and Pediatricians

Despite widespread publicity about the obesity epidemic in children—everywhere you look you see fat kids—parents increasingly are willfully suffering from fat blindness: turning a blind eye as their children pack on the pounds. A study done a couple years ago found that more than three quarters of parents of pre-school-age obese sons and nearly [Read more...]

Preparing For The Prom

As I do every year immediately after New Year’s, I start to remind clients to get laser-focused on their weight loss goals because time passes quickly, and the difficult eating challenges (for most)—Easter and Passover holidays—will be upon us. But, something else is also drawing near: the senior prom. The senior prom [Read more...]

How Divorced Parents Make Fat Kids

An article by psychotherapist and marriage counselor, Mel Schwartz, For the Sake of the Children, really struck a nerve with me. Of course, it speaks about ‘working’ at a marriage; that’s what we commit to on our wedding day. When all working fails, however, and if/when the time comes, the whole notion of [Read more...]

Pay Kids to Eat Veggies? Junk Science!

“Science Says You Should Pay Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies” is the headline of an article in the September 10, 2015, issue of the New York Post. This so-called scholarly scientific study actually recommends that if you want your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, you gotta show them the money! [Read more...]

Back to School, Slim to School

As parents, we are responsible for the environment in which we raise our children—emotionally, physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. That responsibility is enormous. All the years our children are home before spreading their wings and beginning the next chapters of their lives, they are listening to us, watching us, and soaking it all in. [Read more...]

The Childhood Obesity Blame Game: Parents Are The Key!

When you walk past an elementary school, or day camp, or food court at the mall, chances are that most of the kids you see are either overweight or obese. What are parents of obese 8-10 year old kids thinking when their children are gorging on 1/2 pound burgers with onion rings and [Read more...]

Are Your Kids Important to You?

When I meet a very overweight or obese client for the first time, aside from discussing the obvious—such medical issues they may have, what medications they may be on, how many times they’ve tried to lose weight before, whether their spouse is also overweight, etc.—I inquire as to their children. Not surprisingly, most overweight [Read more...]

Snoring in the Obese Child

Does your child snore? Does your child show other signs of disturbed sleep: long pauses in breathing, a lot oftossing and turning in bed, chronic mouth breathing during sleep, night sweats (owing to increased effort to breathe)? All these, but especially the snoring, are possible signs of sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), [Read more...]

Pediatric Obesity = Precocious Puberty

The high obesity rate among very young children is worrisome for many reasons, and one is that obesity causes children to go through puberty earlier. According to an article in Medical Dailyon the issue of childhood obesity and early puberty: “Childhood obesity rates have more than quadrupledin the past 30 years, with more [Read more...]