Weight Loss for Pregnancy and Nursing

There is a two-fold link between overweight and obesity and difficulty getting pregnant.

  1. Women who are over-fat frequently have ovulation cycles that are abnormal or even non-existent. Excessive visceral fat contributes to hormonal imbalances which, in turn, prevents optimum capacity for fertility to begin, so becoming pregnant may not just be difficult but can sometimes be impossible.
  2. A woman who is considerably overweight or obese oftentimes just does not possess the good health needed for the conception process to take place. Conception occurs more easily in women who are younger and in good overall health.

The more overweight a woman is pre-pregnancy, the higher the weight gain during pregnancy—and quickly! The more overweight a woman is during pregnancy, not only is there a greater risk of complications for her, such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and fluid retention, to name a few; but also for the growing baby. And the more weight a woman gains during pregnancy, the harder it is for weight loss after pregnancy.


Additionally, let’s not forget that infertility is not just a “woman’s problem”. For men, excessive fat, highly toxic and inflammatory, leads to low sperm count, less fertile sperm and definitely a lower motility in the sperm, with greater difficulty penetrating the egg.


The longer one is obese, the higher the probability of one or all of various fertility issues. So, when obese boys and girls grow into obese teenagers and then obese adults, chances are they’re going to have fertility issues.


I work with overweight couples who are trying to conceive, overweight pregnant women who run the risk of complications for themselves and their babies, as well as overweight nursing moms who have different circumstances, but the goal is the same: to lose weight in a healthy, balanced way from each of the food groups with normal, regular foods they buy in the supermarket. I also work with slim women who newly learn they are pregnant and want to minimize their pregnancy weight gain. As I do with all our clients, I work with these ladies privately to generate customized eating plans, including what to eat, how much to eat, and when, as well as provide cooking tips and recipes. I provide discipline, guidance, structure and accountability . . . all the ingredients for success.


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