The Fees

📌 For the 60-90 minute detailed and personalized consultation, the fee is as follows:

       ➖ Lori Boxer, Owner/Director – $175

       ➖ Rosalie Shatzman, Manager, Long Island office – $100


📌 We charge $150 for set-up/enrollment in the program: Paperwork, client photos, set-up/explanation of and menu planning for the first two diet programs.


📌 We charge $60 per week x the number of weight loss weeks needed.


📌 We do not take weekly payments.


📌 We do not take insurance.


📌We prefer payment by check or cash, which saves you a 3.5% convenience fee for all plastic transactions. But, if you don’t mind, we don’t mind; credit/debit cards accepted.


Clients are given a detailed receipt that confirms all aspects of their program — including starting weight, goal weight, and the number of weight loss weeks for which they paid.  We confirm in writing that a client fully understands and agrees to every aspect of the program, and we confirm that all clients’ questions were answered to their full satisfaction.


Payment Options

Supreme Payment

For those who pay in full at time of enrollment, we offer free “cushion” weeks as long as goal weight can be achieved within those weeks.


Budget Payment

For those who cannot pay in full, we offer an option to pay 4 or 8 weeks at a time.


Full-Service 1/2 Payment

For those who have over 100 pounds to lose, we offer an option to first pay for 1/2 the total amount of weight loss needed, and then for the remaining weight to lose to get to goal weight, at which time we will offer free “cushion” weeks.


Pregnancy Payment

For those who are pregnant, we offer an option to pay in full for the total number of gestational weeks until delivery date; or to pay for 1/2 the number of gestational weeks (not less than 12 weeks). If a woman doesn’t use all the pregnancy weeks purchased, unused weeks will be applied to a post-pregnancy weight loss program.


“No Weight To Lose” Payment

For those who don’t have weight to lose but who do have very bad eating habits and/or who just might want the guidance and discipline of getting some good eating habits under their belt, we offer an 8-week program to learn how to eat correctly. This is payable up front: consultation + enrollment + 8 weeks ($805 Lori,  $730 Rosalie). No discounts or “cushion” weeks.


Stabilization & Maintenance


The last two programs are offered free to all clients at goal weight:


6 weeks of Stabilization – One week at a time, by food group, we add more food back into one’s program, including the so-called “bad for you” foods.


12 weeks of Maintenance – We work closely with clients to practice and reinforce all the tools learned throughout the weight loss and stabilization process in order to stay within 3-5 pounds of their goal weight.


Maintenance extention – After completing the 18 weeks of free Stabilization and Maintenance, there are those clients who are hesitant to go it alone, just yet. They feel they need to maintain the discipline and accountability of regular check-ins with us, even if only for a month or two. For these folks, we offer an extension of our Maintenance program, $240 for four weeks at a time.