Weekly Menu Planner


The menu planner is the most powerful proven aid for dieters. People who plan ahead not only lose more weight, they also keep it off.  Here are some of the reasons:


✔️ Recording your eating habits jolts you into realizing what you do eat and drink each day.


✔️ Helps identify problem foods and drinks with excessive calories and fats.


✔️ Helps identify moods, situations and events that lead to excessive eating of unwanted calories. You can then plan to overcome or avoid them.


✔️ Prevents “calorie amnesia”—the forgetfulness that leads to weight gain (or to rebound weight gain after successful weight loss).  Remember—it’s not what you can easily recall that will sabotage your efforts; it’s what you DON’T recall that WILL.  Recording puts you back on the right track.


✔️ Helps you develop greater self-discipline. You WILL think twice about over-indulging if you have to record it—especially if someone checks your diary regularly.  It keeps you honest!


✔️ Motivates you to carefully plan your meals.


✔️ Serves as a check system for your weight loss counselor, and your physician, to assess your progress and to make recommendations or changes.


Our weight loss counselors record losses and gains on clients’ diaries so clients can see the results they get from the actions they take!