Whether working with clients who have struggled with weight issues all their lives; overweight kids and teens who face that same prospect; mid-life adults watching weight creep up slowly for the first time; or seniors, whose weight makes them less active and more isolated . . .  we understand that we have the power to change lives, and we take that role seriously. Watching transformations as clients give up bad habits and take control, seeing weight going down and confidence going up, is such a great experience for us. We thank every client over three decades for the opportunity to serve them. Their words mean more to us than they will ever know. 

Weight No More Diet CenterGoing in to my first appointment I was feeling nervous and overwhelmed. I really did not know what to expect. I sat down with Lori and she took her time explaining the program as well as what happens to our bodies if we do not take care of it. Lori was so informative and when I left her office I learned so much and I felt empowered. Thank you!!!Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterAs a Registered Nurse I was very interested in a diet that was well balanced, nutritionally sound and easy to follow. Lori has created a food plan that offers all these elements. The weight loss has come as well as increased energy.Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterAugust 17,  2020

If you had asked me a year ago where I saw myself in the next year, I don’t think I’d even come close to describing where I am now. This year has been the hardest one yet. I moved, started a new job in a brand new field, was diagnosed with a hole in my heart, had surgery on my heart during the global pandemic, ended my long term relationship, and so many other freaking things. But on August 17, 2019 I made a commitment to myself and to choosing life over death. My weight loss journey has been a constant throughout this tumultuous year and through it I found this intrinsic strength that kept me going. I remained disciplined and focused, even on the days where everything around me was falling apart. I have lost a total of 148 pounds as of today going from 303 pounds to 155 pounds in the course of a year. This 1 year anniversary will be the first of many, as I will spend the rest of my life dedicated to maintaining what I have accomplished.

I am so incredibly grateful to Lori Boxer for partnering with me on this journey and holding me accountable. While I am SO CLOSE to my final goal, today is a day worth celebrating by looking back on where I was then versus where I am now.  (Link to my Instagram post and photos.) Thank you all for your incredible support and here is to being our best selves and knowing our self worth!
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Weight No More Diet CenterI have been a client of Weight No More with Lori Boxer since mid-May 2020 and am in week 10 of my journey. I have been unsuccessful for so many years and NOW I can say I have lost weight consistently each week. More significant is the fact that my blood sugar is normal, and my doctor has decided to remove my HBP medicine to a dose of only 5 mg down from 40 mg and soon to be zero. I knew my health would improve but to see it actually occur so quickly is the greatest motivation I have ever had. I could not have done this without Lori and her expert advice, coaching and wisdom. I find her FatChat (podcasts) most helpful. The messages stay with me and help me forge through when I normally would be sliding off the program as I have in the past. Lori makes me understand I can do this every week when we meet. If you want better health and SUCCESSFUL results, I can attest this is the best thing you can do for yourself to achieve your goals.Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterGoing to Weight No More was the best decision I ever made for myself and my health. I’ve tried multiple diets through the years and have never been successful. Lori is very knowledgeable and will work with you to achieve your goals in weight loss. She could be very tough at times but truly cares about her clients and wants to see them succeed in their overall health. I’ve lost 80 lbs in 5 months and could not have done it without her help. I feel amazing and know that this time, from the tools and support she’s given me, I will keep it off! I recommend anyone and everyone see her if they’re looking to get their life back on a healthy track. You will not be disappointed.Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet Center

My experience working with Lori at Weight No More Diet Center has been enlightening and has set me on a path that has yielded significant positive changes in my life. I began the program in December of 2019 with assorted ailments and progressive increases in weight,  cholesterol and blood glucose . Through the program Lori has set a direction, given me perspective and held me accountable along the way. To date I have reduced my weight by nearly 60 lbs, seen an increase in my energy levels (walking two miles daily) and have recently begun riding my bike again. The best news of all has been my lab results where I have significantly decreased my cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels. Lori has provided the counsel and the direction and I have seen the results. If I can do it so can anyone interested in making theses changes in their life. I recommend giving her a call to see how she can help you as well. 

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Weight No More Diet CenterMy doctor recommended I see Lori at Weight No More Diet Center. I researched Lori through her blog and podcasts before I finally made an appointment for a consultation. I couldn’t find any information from her that I disagreed with. No gimmicks, no tricks, just truth. I came in because of my weight. Before Lori, despite how much I was eating, I was always hungry and gaining weight. Right from the start I have not been hungry. And, her recipes are delicious! I eat more, feel more satisfied, and weigh less. Healthy changes continue from there. Lori has a brutally honest yet caring style. She helps me to see my unhealthy habits and thoughts. I have learned so much with Lori; not just nutrition and self-care but also life skills. Her knowledge, methodology, and mentoring have been life changing. I have experienced changes and results with Lori that I did not think were possible for me. I have never felt as healthy as I do now. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Lori at Weight No More Diet Center.Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterThis program is life changing!! Lori has changed my life; not only have I lost weight but I feel so much more confident and better about myself! Lori tells you exactly what you need to hear to succeed. She is really amazing at her job and keeping me on track. I have more to go but I’m very excited to keep working with her!! Thanks Lori!!!Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterWeight No More changed my life forever!! Lori helped me lose over 30 pounds, and I’ve never felt this good in my life. This diet is not just a regular diet, it’s a lifestyle change that I’ll continue for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Lori. I would recommend this program for anyone!Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterI joined on with Lori for weight loss, and she gave me a great program to work. As long as I followed, I was successful. She is very firm in speaking with you--meaning honest no b.s. She was always available to work with me if I had special events to include in my weekly plan. During my time with her I went on two vacations. She gave sound advice to follow so I still enjoyed myself and had only small gains when I returned, nothing that did not come back off with following program. I have recommended her to a few people already, and if you are serious about your health and future, I would recommend her.Weight Loss Programs