Whether working with clients who have struggled with weight issues all their lives; or overweight kids and teens who face that same prospect; or mid-life men and women watching weight creep up slowly for the first time; or seniors, whose over-weight greatly magnifies their inactivity and quality of life … all of us at WeightNoMoreSM Diet Center understand that we have the power to change lives—and we take that role seriously.  Watching the transformations as clients give up bad habits and take control, seeing weight going down and confidence going up, fills all of us with heartfelt joy.  We thank each and every client these last two decades for the opportunity to help them.  Their success is our great reward for all the efforts on their behalf and brings such purpose and meaning to our lives every day.  Their words mean more to us than they will ever know.

Weight No More Diet Center

The Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center program helped me to lose over 25 pounds in just under 6 months. The program was very easy to follow, and I did not feel like I was giving up any of the foods I wanted to eat.  More importantly, I feel better and have reduced some of the prescribed medications I was taking. My cholesterol is lower, and I no longer suffer from a constant bloated feeling every time I eat.

Lori’s advice was invaluable, especially when she helped  me select what to eat during my vacation and how to plan healthy meals no matter how busy my schedule became.

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Weight No More Diet CenterI didn't believe that it was possible . . . that I'd be able to lose the weight and achieve my goal. But the most pleasant surprise was that I wasn't hungry, and I didn't feel deprived. I am now slim and confident that I can continue this way of life. I've never felt better!

Thank you, Rosalie, for your kind support and hand-holding when I needed it.
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Weight No More Diet CenterI think I'm your biggest source of referrals because I truly believe that you have the most amazing program.

1 - It is personal, tailored to each one's need;

2 - It is natural: no bars, no juices, no frozen foods, etc., because once you get off of those kinds of things you gain double what you lose.

Rosalie is very accommodating, knowledgeable, fun, inspirational, helpful and, of course, very pleasant and nice.

I score you 10 out of 10.
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Weight No More Diet CenterLori's program is amazing. Those are not just words; it's a fact. I lost about 30 pounds after giving birth to my son and not a day went by that I complained of being hungry. I was always eating, just eating better. I will always be thankful to Lori for the time and effort that she put into my success. Three times a week I would go for a weigh in and a much needed "nudge" in the right direction, and that is what always kept me focused and on track, and it is her voice and diet plan I have in my head before the start of each week's meal planning. I am forever grateful!Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterWhen I first came to Lori I had already tried different diets.  All those other diets were really hard and had no room for any indulgences.  I was getting so frustrated refraining from all types of food such as carbs and yogurt. With all my restraint and hard work I was not even losing any weight.

I worked with Lori over the summer while in NJ, and she taught me how to eat without cutting out any of the food groups. She helped me reach my goal in no time!  When summer was over, and I returned home to Brooklyn, we continued working over the phone on Stabilization and Maintenance, which was as effective as in person!

Weight No More Diet Center became my life style. Lori has taught me had to plan to succeed and there's always room for the pleasures in life. This is not a diet; it's a lifestyle.  It makes "dieting" easy.

I love Lori and the program, and I would recommend anyone to work with her! It doesn't need to be in person.  Just call her and within five minutes you'll see that you can reach your goals with just a few phone calls a week.
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Weight No More Diet Center"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!" This is so true! This is the first diet program that truly works for me. I have tried many over the years and always gained the weight back. Lori has shown me how to eat from all food groups and still lose weight. I have discontinued anti-reflux and asthma medication with the approval of my physicians!

Thank you, Lori, for your guidance and patience throughout this process.
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Weight No More Diet CenterI started at Weight No More October, 2016, and continued through April, 2017. While I didn't have a tremendous amount of weight to lose, it was enough to have been a problem for me to do on my own. The education and support I received from Lori was invaluable, and helped me reach my goal. It was a slow loss process, but most worthwhile. I will always be grateful for the guidance and expertise I received.Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet Center

I started at Weight No More Diet Center after I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My doctor told me that if I lost 25 lbs my A1C (3 month average glucose level) would come down and I would avoid having to start on medication.

I had tried several other weight loss programs, and nothing seemed to work. I am middle aged, which makes it more difficult to lose than when I was younger. I would lose 10 or 15 lbs and gain it right back.  I was extremely frustrated until a friend of mine recommended Lori and her weight loss program.

Lori was the only person who explained what it meant to be pre-diabetic and insulin resistant . She explained that I had to start “linking” foods and to eat every few hours to keep my metabolism working properly. No one, including a nutritionist, had ever explained that to me.

Ultimately I lost 26 lbs., and my A1C is normal!  I have reached my goal weight, and I now follow the program every day to maintain my weight loss and to stay healthy.

Thank you Lori for all your help in getting me healthier!
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Weight No More Diet Center

Weight No More Diet Center is a very good program that helped me lose weight with no struggle. I never feel hungry or deprived. The staff is always available if needed. Eating has never paid off so much!

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Weight No More Diet CenterThe program is amazing! The staff understands me and helps me with any problems I might have.Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterThe program helped me lose 55 pounds. I feel great, and it wasn't even that hard to accomplish my goal. It taught me a new way of eating correctly, and I don't feel hungry or over-full.Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterIt's been a pleasure working with Rosalie. In the past, I've always lost weight but had great difficult keeping it off. This program has shown me that it's possible. I look forward to continuing towards my ultimate weight goal and keeping it off.Weight Loss Programs
Weight No More Diet CenterAt 47 years old I thought it was okay to be 25 pounds heavier than I was at 27, that I couldn’t be as slim as I was on my wedding day. I had 2 children, and I thought my skinny days were over.

A friend, after having her second baby, was seeing Lori Boxer and she looked amazing. She was eating real food and never hungry. I decided to meet with Lori to hear about the program and ended up joining that day.

Lori was available to me 24/7. We met three times a week, which kept me going. She encouraged me, and I was proud of myself. I was given many food options and guided on how to pace my meals and snacks throughout the day. I was to never be hungry or skip food. Lori would review my weekly menu planning and give me advice. It was an education on eating right.

Not only did I have more energy, I had new clothes! My husband can’t stop complimenting me. I’m the skinny girl he married.
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Weight No More Diet Center
​Weight★No★More℠ gave me my life back!
I have been dieting unsuccessfully all through my teen and early adult years. I would starve myself all day, thinking that was the only way to drop the pounds. Since joining Weight★No★More℠, I have lost 70 lbs and have only 20 more to go. I exercise daily and have learned to eat three balanced meals a day with three snacks in between. I can say, since joining, I have never felt hungry or deprived at all. I look forward to eating since I know the food is fueling my body.

I have Rosalie, in the Long Island office, to thank for all her words of wisdom, patience and positive attitude.

If you are looking to lose weight, try this program. You won't be sorry.
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Weight No More Diet CenterRosalie has really changed my life.

Before I started with Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center I was having several health issues, including acid reflux, shortness or breath, etc. In just a few short months, I reached my goal and lost 30 pounds!

With Rosalie's encouragement and guidance I have kept off the weight for six months now, and I am feeling great.

Thank you so much, Rosalie, and Weight★No★More℠.
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