The Process

After joining the program, we encourage clients to visit with us two to three times a week whenever possible, be it in the office, or by scheduled phone or Skype appointments, or a combination of the two.  The more we see or engage with a client, the fewer days that elapse between visits, the more we can help them to stay focused.  Or, putting it another way: The more a client has contact with us, the more disciplined they are when they don’t have contact with us because they know they’re soon going to have contact with us!  Additionally, the more engagement we have with a client, the more value they get for their money.


Visits to the office are by appointment, and we see clients only in private, one-on-one.  Each visit begins with a private weigh-in, after which we will check journals, help plan personal daily menus, provide cooking tips and recipes, talk about any upcoming potential challenges, offer encouragement, motivation and inspiration to stay focused, and change programs at certain benchmarks.


During these visits clients can speak freely, in confidence, about issues at home or at school or on the job—anything they want to share with us.  We get to know our clients very well because we genuinely care about them.  We understand that food is an emotional response for many, so the more we understand the circumstances or factors that affect a clients’ environments; the better we are able to help them.  Additionally, not only do we call clients on a weekly basis, but clients have the owners’ home and cell phone numbers and can call at any time.


Private Weight Loss & Diet Counseling


No two people are the same, so we have to customize each program. Taking into account work, travel, school or social schedules, as well as our clientele’s wide range of ages and medical issues, we will generate individualized weight loss programs, customized meal planning, provide cooking tips and recipes, and encourage, motivate and inspire clients to stay focused and on track.


There are no group weigh-ins or meetings.  Clients are seen only in private, one-on-one, through all stages of their time with us—weight loss, stabilization and maintenance.  Privacy allows clients to speak freely and in confidence, and in this way we get to know our clients well.  The more we understand the circumstances or issues that affect a client’s environment or state of mind, the better we are able to help them.


There are no pills, no packaged foods, no diet drinks—we don’t sell anything!  We teach clients how to eat from each of the food groups every day using foods they buy in the supermarket.


All clients have the owner’s home and cell phone numbers for access at any time, for any reason—a question from the supermarket, or for some motivation and encouragement at a weak moment, or just to get re-focused.


Personal Daily Menu Planning


Everyone knows how to eat well:  lean meats and poultry, vegetables of all colors, fresh fruit, low-fat dairy, whole grains, lots of water, etc.  But eating well is not the same thing as eating right.  If you eat too much of “eating well,” you won’t lose weight.  If you eat too little of “eating well,” you won’t lose weight.  If you let too much time pass in between “eating well,” you won’t lose weight.


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  It’s that simple.  We know that planning ahead for meals and snacks is a major factor in one’s weight loss success.  We work with clients individually at every stage of their program—weight loss, stabilization and maintenance—to help plan personal daily menus.  Taking into account work, travel, school and social schedules, as well as a wide range of ages and medical issues, we will generate customized meal planning, including what to eat, how much and when, as well as provide cooking tips and recipes. These daily plans are wonderful resources to use during those times when things don’t go so well . . . and we all have those times!  Just back from a cruise and up a few pounds?  The day after that Thanksgiving feast and scared to get on the scale?  No problem.  Just go back through your journals and repeat the few days where a two-pound loss was previously recorded!


In addition to the paper version of our Weekly Diaries that you can print out from our web site, we are also pleased to offer a custom electronic diary form to facilitate our clients’ daily/weekly menu planning, as well as to work efficiently with our distance clients.


With personalized menu planning, we can help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals.