Very often, over the years, clients would tell me they wished they could take me home with them, or they wished I would record our sessions so they could play them back, or how they would listen to a voicemail recording I left them over and over again. So I started my weekly FatChat℠ podcast three years ago as an extension of the service I provide in the office. I chew the fat on weight loss, obesity, health and wellness, dieting and lifestyle issues to motivate, educate and inspire, and I let it rip in the “no B.S.” zone, just as I do in the office.


My podcasts are short; none of the almost 200 recordings I’ve done thus far are longer than 10 minutes; most are less. They’re a big hit with clients. You can subscribe and listen to FatChat℠ on your smartphone via the podcast icons at the bottom of the page.



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