Do You Set an Example for Your Kids?

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Are you an obese parent with overweight kids?


Do YOU like living the life of an overweight person?


Is that what you want for your children?


Do YOU like shopping for clothes that look good on you instead of being able to buy the clothes you like and want to wear?


Is that what you want for your children?


Are YOU uncomfortable in social settings? Do YOU hate walking into a roomful of people at a special event where you think everyone is looking at how large you are and focusing on what you’re wearing to cover it all up? Do YOU dread having to go these types of events in the first place?


Is THAT what you want for your children?


Don’t you think kids NEED guidance from their parents? If you do, how can you possibly give guidance to kids on any issue, and certainly as pertains to behavioral issues, if you yourself don’t set the example?


Do you want to give your kids the same lifelong battle with obesity that you’ve been waging?


Don’t you think kids want and need to look up to their parents?


Then make sure yours do.


You’ve tried every diet known to man, every quick fix, every gimmick, every pill, every potion, every powder, every unhealthy behavior you can imagine . . . all the while your kids were watching.


Instead, follow my Triple S Rule:




Stop wasting your money and time on quick fixes and bad habits for yo-yo short-term losses that turn into long-term problems, both physical and emotional.


Here’s the bottom line, parents:


Don’t do to your own bodies what you wouldn’t encourage, support or condone your children doing to theirs.

Slimcerely yours℠,

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