Parents: Food is Not Love

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Too many parents consider food a form of love and are afraid to refuse their children unhealthy foods, even if they are already over-fat, for fear they won’t feel loved.
In fact, the opposite is true. I know . . . because on a daily basis I see what rewarding kids with food looks like many years later:
📌 Clients who use dietary restraint (restricting food and binge eat);
📌 Clients who think that food helps solve problems;
📌 Clients who eat when they are not hungry.
When foods are used to reward kids and to show affection, they almost always learn to use food to cope with stress or other emotions. Is that love?
Occasional treats are great, but shouldn’t be used to either encourage or reward your kids for all good behavior.
Parents who love their children should be concerned enough about the risks of obesity, as well as emotional eating disorders, to say “No” to unhealthy demands and, instead, lead their children to a healthier lifestyle.
Find better ways to say “I love you.”
Offer hugs, praise, time and attention instead of food treats.
Food is not love.
There’s a learned association kids make when it comes to food. And how they carry this with them into their adult lives is your responsibility.
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