It's Spring, and the hot summer bathing suit months will soon be here. Many overweight teenagers won't go to the beach or a pool and, if they do, they wear long shirts to cover themselves and they hate every minute of it. While not uncommon in the adult population, binge-purge eating disorders are an increasing problem among teens, both girls and boys. They are especially unhappy and uncomfortable in the warm months because they can't hide behind layers of clothes as they do in the winter. Those teens who have binge-purge eating issues will become acutely focused now on trying to get as much weight off as they can.

If you have an overweight teen in your home, especially college teens coming home for the summer, having gained weight (or more weight) during the school season, these are just a few of the signs to look for:

  • Restrictive eating, suddenly eating less than you're used to seeing;
  • They tell you they already ate, or that they had a big lunch so they're not hungry for dinner, or they just brushed their teeth;
  • Hiding food in their rooms;
  • Going to the bathroom after meals;
  • Over-exercising;
  • Negative statements about their bodies.

Most teens with binge-eating disorders are either overweight or obese and have a history of weight problems and weight fluctuations. The common effects of this behavior are susceptibility to health issues, stress, insomnia, depression and anxiety, just to name a few. But, the most prominent effect of binge eating disorder is ... weight gain.

We can help your son or daughter learn how to eat right, lose weight and feel great in a healthy way so they'll be in more control and feeling better about themselves by the time they have to return to campus.

That's it, for now.  Until next month . . .

~ Lori Boxer

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