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Our Skinny SkypeSM online weight loss services and our custom-designed electronic diary form to facilitate daily/weekly menu planning have been a big hit!  Many thanks to those who referred their friends, family and colleagues. We really appreciate it.  Thanks also go to our new distant clients who signed up in January.  (We'd also be remiss in not thanking Mike Bellina, MigmanMedia, for creating the electronic diary form; he's also the designer of our web site.)

To all our local clients, don't feel left out!  The electronic diary form is great for you too! Check it out, and play around with it.

Be on the look out for our next new service: the roll-out of our customized Workforce Weight LossSM programs. More about that next month!

... and those who think they don't want to spend the money on getting slim and healthy will sooner or later have to find a way to spend money on illness, one new medical issue at a time!

The way to get started
is to quit talking
and begin doing!
~ Walt Disney

The Weight Gain Plan or How to Get Fat in Five Easy Steps

Presenting the topic of weight loss in a whole different way:

Another Dumb, Dopey, Dangerous Diet

Think you've heard of all the crazy, stupid, idiotic, ridiculous weight loss gimmicks? Not yet

Liposuction Feels Like the Fat Problem is Fixed, but It Isn't

Have you fantasized about hooking yourself up to a fat sucking vacuum cleaner and sucking your fat out?

Don't try this at home!

Basic Lifestyle
Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Intermediate Lifestyle
Pepperoni Pizza Soup

Advanced Lifestyle
Rainbow Roasted Pepper Soup

Final Lifestyle
Mushroom Barley Soup

Stabilization & Maintenance
Portobello Mushroom Caps

... and this is why America is obese!


PCOS is a health condition linked with both hormone imbalance and insulin resistance, and it is the most common hormonal and reproductive problem affecting women of child-bearing age.  No cure exists.  If you are overweight and have PCOS, getting to and maintaining a slim, healthy weight is absolutely crucial. 

Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center helps hundreds of young women with PCOS every year to lose weight for the first time in their lives, to balance their hormones and to regulate menstrual cycles.  We have such knowledge in this area that while we certainly get physician referrals of patients diagnosed with PCOS, more often it is WE who identify a young girl’s or young woman’s symptoms as PCOS and insist she see an endocrinologist.  Way too often, young women have all the symptoms, some all at once, some come on slowly one at a time, and they spend years trying to tackle each issue—bad skin, with a dermatologist;  body/face hair, with an electrologist; irregular or absence of menstrual cycles, with a gynecologist; and, inevitably, depression/social anxieties, with a psychologist or LCSW—and all the while PCOS is left unattended ... and the pounds keep coming on, and the symptoms keep getting more pronounced, and the years pass.

If you have PCOS, if you’re overweight or obese, let us help you ... because we absolutely can!

Sodium Adds Up

Even if you never touch a salt shaker, it doesn’t mean you’re not eating a ton of salt.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Besides coconut oil not increasing body fat, it in fact produces a reduction in white fat stores.

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