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2015 was a pretty active year for us:

We continued to increase our long-distance weight loss clientele, and we thank all of our clients who referred their friends, family and co-workers across the country and as far away as Israel. If you're interested in our Skinny SkypeSM Online Weight Loss Programs, (which we can also do by telephone) please follow the link and let us hear from you ... and please share with your friends.

We created a custom-designed mobile-friendly electronic diary form to facilitate our clients' daily/weekly menu planning, as well a private log-in option for those who want to save and have easy access to their diaries.

I started a weekly Fat ChatSM podcast, telling it like it is on all things weight loss: to motivate, educate ... just being me ... the way I speak to clients in the office, and sometimes that means having to talk about the stuff that overweight and obese people don't want to hear. You can follow the link to listen to them at the web site and to sign up to receive each week's pod cast, none of which are more than a few minutes long.

I started blogging and publishing: All the articles written at our web site are mine, and I also have over 1,000 people professional people who are following my published articles on LinkedIn. You can follow my author's page and if you're active on LinkedIn feel free to send me a connect request at my profile page.

We continued to populate our Pinterest boards (and we have pretty great boards!), and since we now have over 80 pins at our Recipes board, we'll soon start to break that down into Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Final and Stabilization/Maintenance, for clients to have easier access to the recipes for their particular Lifestyle program.

... and ... last but not least: We helped our clients lose almost 6,500 pounds!

As 2016 begins, and the pages of the calendar start to turn, if you're overweight or obese you have only two options: You're either going to look back in several months from now, angry and disappointed at what you could have and should have done; or healthier and happier and proud that what you needed to do ... is done!  Either way, the clock is going to tick:  Will you use the time to your benefit, or to your detriment?  How do you want to look and feel come  the Passover and Easter holidays, and certainly by the start of the summer? Begin today with that end in mind.

What'll it be in 2016? Same old?


Mind Your Own Busines

Think you're not a business owner?  If you have a body, you have a business!

How Divorced Parents Make Fat Kids

if you're divorced, and if your kids are overweight or obese, you and your ex have to work together for the sake of your children.

Do You Have A Bad Fattitude?

Finding and foiling your fattitudes is really hard work.

Sharing some good articles I've come across over the last month:

How to Help Someone Struggling with Anxiety Around Food

Sometimes, all the best intentions are no match for an eating disorder mixed with anxiety.

Tough Love for a Nation of Fat Kids

If your child is overweight or obese, it's time to awaken from the stupor that holds you back and take a good, long look at your child.

5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Weight-loss Resolutions

This week, nearly half of all Americans will resolve to make 2016 the year they get fitter, faster and reach their feel-great weights. Here are some common weight-loss traps and how to avoid them.

Beyond Willpower: Diet Quality and Quantity Matter 

It's no secret that the amount of calories people eat and drink has a direct impact on their weight.  But what about the type of calories?  This article briefly reviews the research on dietary intake and weight control, highlighting diet strategies that also help prevent chronic disease.

The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat

We got a lot of feedback from this article that we included in last month's newsletter, so it's worth a repeat.  However, be forewarned! In this blog, Coach Taylor Simon comes at you in a brutally honest matter.  He speaks the truth as to why someone is still overweight or obese.

Basic Lifestyle
Greek Lemon Soup

Intermediate Lifestyle
Stuffed Green Pepper Soup

Advanced Lifestyle
Savory Beet Soup

Final Lifestyle
Edamame-Avocado Soup

Stabilization & Maintenance
Rustic Parsley & Orzo Soup With Walnuts

Soup's On! As the colder weather sets in, we've added one new soup recipe at our web site for each Lifestyle Program. Here are the links to the recipes at our RECIPES Pinterest board so you can see the photos. From there, you can link to those particular recipes at our web site:

Basic (Greek Lemon Soup); Intermediate (Stuffed Green Pepper Soup); Advanced (Savory Beet Soup); Final (Edamame-Avocado Soup); Stabilization (Rustic Parsley & Orzo Soup With Walnuts)

Did you miss any of these Fat ChatSM podcasts last month?

Pay Kids to Eat Veggies? - Junk science!

Mind Your Own Business - Your body is your business.

Is Your Throat Fat? - If you're fat, it is.

Eating Well vs. Eating Right - Two different things.

If so, please give a listen and share with those who need to hear them  You can also subscribe to receive the weekly releases.

Want to know what's in your soda?  Take a look.


Want to see all the effects of childhood obesity?

Want to see another symptom of female obesity? Baldness.

Yeah ... that's it ... it's the towel.

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