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We're off to a pretty good start to the New Year: Clients lost 329 pounds in the month of January! So, a little horn-tootin' is in order.

It's the first week of February, folks ... and I know you're cold, but don't let the bundles of clothes you're wearing right now that's covering a bunch of fat give you a false sense of time. Believe it or not we're only 6 weeks away from the first day of spring (March 20); Easter Sunday is the following week. Get your weight loss focus in gear, because time is passing ... with you or without you ... and the warmer weather is going to come quick! The heavy jackets will start to come off.

If you want to go into spring slimmer than you are now, followed not too long thereafter by a slimsational summer, NOW is the time to see yourself as you want to be in just a couple of months. If you don't, you'll close your eyes and click the heels of your ruby red slippers twice, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, and voila! ... it'll be March, April (Passover!) and May and you'll be sorry you let the next several weeks pass ... and you won't be able to go backwards trying to catch up.

The greatest compliment we can receive are not only referrals but testimonials from clients ... who take the time to thank us for guiding them to their weight loss goals (and many, for the first time in their lives after years of trying) and enjoying many positive changes as a result. Normally, we put these testimonials, only a short paragraph or two, up at our web site.

Recently, however, I was on LinkedIn going through my newsfeed and saw an article titled, The SECRET to stop paying the "Fat Tax" in 2016 and actually LOSE WEIGHT. Naturally, with a title like that you know I'm going to click through to read it! And I did. I then saw it was written by a former client, a professional woman in the financial sector, who I had not seen in the few years since helping her successfully lose weight. Really curious now, I started to read through, and was floored. If you're interested, click through the article title, and let Christine Lapidow tell you her story in her own words.

That's it, for now.  Until next month's newsletter ...

~ Lori Boxer

Which piece of the pie are you?


Motivation: A 12-Tip Program

In weight loss, those who are most motivated are those who succeed.

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Want to have a parasite reside in your intestines for weight loss?

Obese Face Higher Radiation

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The Depressing Nature of Obesity

Obese people are more likely to become depressed. People suffering with depression are more likely to become obese.

Basic Lifestyle
Apple-Spinach Chicken

Intermediate Lifestyle
Salmon With Ginger-Orange Glaze

Advanced Lifestyle
Italian Vegetable Pie

Final Lifestyle
Portobellos with Goat Cheese

Stabilization & Maintenance
Warm Winter Salad


We have REALLY GREAT recipes up at our web site: hundreds of them for each of our Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Final and Stabilization programs. If you want to make your selections of recipes by photo, visit our Pinterest recipe boards which will link back to the site for the recipes you select. (Not all recipes at the site have photos at Pinterest ... yet. It's a work in progress. But, all new recipes will.)

... and in case you haven't been to our Pinterest boards yet, here are some recent pins.

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