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In our personal lives, this is the time when we reflect on the year about to end: The things we did, the places we went, the people we met; the good things we'll always remember; the bad things we hope to forget; the things we are looking forward to doing; the mistakes we made that we hope not to repeat in the new year.

Business owners know it's the time to also reflect on the year about to end: How and where we invested capital in our business, and what was the return; the products and services we offered—what worked? what didn't? what do we want to continue? what do we want to put on the shelf? What is our business plan going forward? Are we going in a new direction? Do we need new employees or do we need to provide new tools and resources to our current employees?

Well, folks ... EVERY SINGLE PERSON reading this right now is a business owner ... because your body IS your business!

You know why greater than 50% of new-business owners fail? It's because they didn't have a strategic plan. They may have had a great idea, a great product or service, but 'hoping' and 'wishing' for success isn't enough. A vision of being successful isn't going to make it happen ... no matter the talent, no matter the financial resources available.

You know why so many older, established businesses fail? Because they didn't have a strategic plan to MAINTAIN their success. They got complacent; they settled for the success they had; they did the same thing over and over; never evolved; never added new products or services; never reaching out to new demographics; always assuming their customers would be there.

If you're overweight or obese, and if you really and truly want to be slim, hoping and wishing just ain't gonna do it! If you have previously lost weight and get complacent, and don't maintain the good eating habits that got you slim, you'll gain all your weight back (and more!) - and your body will fail you ... it'll go out of business.

So, what's YOUR business plan for 2016?

High Fat Fast Foods Fast to Your Blood

So, have you always thought there's an exception when it comes to indulging in "just one" fatty meal? Want to see what happens inside your blood after "just one" fatty meal?

Have a Healthy Chanukah

This Chanukah, why not dedicate yourself to your health, to your well being, and to a healthy lifestyle? ... and parents, why not dedicate yourselves to setting a good example for your children? As Maimonides said, "No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means."

New Year, New You? or ...
Different Year, Same Sh*t?

At the top of almost everyone's New Year's resolutions list is to lose weight ... just as it was at the top of last year's list. It takes way more than commitment to lose weight.

Sharing some good articles I've come across over the last month:

The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat

Be forewarned! In this blog, Coach Taylor Simon comes at you in a brutally honest matter (a man after my own heart).  He speaks the truth as to why someone is still overweight or obese.

The Fat City That Declared War On Obesity

Oklahoma City used to be one of America's most overweight cities. Then, the Mayor decided to do something about it: He challenged his citizens to collectively lose one million pounds!

What Food Makes You More Productive?

If you're serious about performing your best at work, you have to make a conscience decision to eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet to increase your productivity.

Basic Lifestyle
Herb-Roasted Turkey

Intermediate Lifestyle
Salmon With Ginger-Orange Glaze

Advanced Lifestyle
Fire and Spice Ham

Final Lifestyle
Portobellos with Goat Cheese

Stabilization & Maintenance
Lusciously Nutty Holiday Logs


Fire & Spice Ham and Cranberry Roasted Winter Vegetables are just two of the great recipes on our 2015 Christmas Menu.

As we did last month with our Thanksgiving menu, we have the day laid out in order to help you plan ahead and to pace yourself. Under no circumstances should you starve yourself until the main meal. If you do, your blood sugar will be so low, you'll be starving, and you'll eat too much too soon and make very bad choices.

You know the Christmas holiday is coming up in just a few weeks, so whether you're on a weight loss journey or on stabilization or maintenance, be laser-focused. Strive for a perfect day every day, so that by Christmas Day you're in a good place, down another few pounds, and feeling good.

On behalf of all of us at Weight No MoreSM Diet Center, I want to wish all our clients who celebrate the holiday, a very Merry Christmas.

Did you miss any of these Fat ChatSM podcasts last month?

'Tis The Season … A Food Frenzy Survival Guide The Childhood Obesity Blame Game
Obesity in the O.R. …. A Weighty Dilemma Take A Load Off Your Feet

If so, please give a listen and share with those who need to hear them  You can also subscribe to receive the weekly releases.

Smart Cover® Cosmetics

In my blog The Skinny on Obesity and Your Skin, I wrote about how the food you eat matters to your skin. Excess visceral, toxic fat from being overweight and obese DOES affect the health and appearance of your skin. Obesity causes hormonal imbalances and, as such, many of our clients, women and men alike, have various skin issues either caused by their weight or which became more prevalent as they put on more weight, especially women with PCOS. Losing weight will eventually help their skin but, in the meantime, these clients oftentimes struggle with anxiety or depression or lack of confidence because of their skin issues, especially acne. Too often, they spend tons of money on trying to find the right cosmetics to cover their blemishes and skin imperfections.

If you have any skin issues or imperfections, we want to recommend you check out Smart Cover® Cosmetics. This is a special niche, and you should be dealing with professionals in that field. Smart Cover® is the predominant camouflage makeup company; that's all they do; they cater solely to those who need coverage. One of the founders was also the creator/founder of the Dermablend® brand (later purchased by L'Oreal) as well as the creator of the first line of cosmetics for women of color. Whether on face or body, acne or scarring, veins or Rosaceae, brown spots, dark eye circles, etc., they not only have the products for your particular needs, but decades of experience in the concealer market. I know the founders personally, and am 100% confident in their ability to guide you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have.

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