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You eat something you know isn't part of your weight loss plan and immediately feel badly. You look at yourself in a mirror and call yourself an unflattering name.

Then, you eat something else bad and something else worse and a lot of something else's that you have no business eating. The downward shame spiral is in full force.

The great thing about downward spirals is that anyone can turn themself around and head back up before they hit bottom.

Whether it's reminding our clients why they came to us, or reading back to them what they wrote down on the client questionnaire as their top three reasons for wanting to lose weight, or asking them to pat themselves on the back for making the initial call to us, reminding them of great accomplishments made thus far and how empowered they felt when they achieved them, there are many ways we work with these clients to haul themselves back up and keep going.

If we were able to assist, cajole, push from behind, pull from the front, coach, motivate and mentor our clients to lose 1,919 pounds in the first 3 months of 2015 (!), through all the lousy, dreary, cold and snowy days, just think how much we can help you as we get 'this close' to warm spring days and the summer months.

Close your eyes and 'see' how you want to look on the beach or at the pool this summer ... then, call or reach out to us.  We're waiting to hear from you.  Let's begin.

Which do you choose?

Patience, persistence and perspiration
make an unbeatable combination for success.
~ Napoleon Hill

Fad Diet, Bad Diet

You go on a diet. You lose a lot of weight. You go off the diet. You gain it all back. You get depressed. You start bingeing.  Sound familiar?

Pediatric Obesity = Precocious Puberty

The high obesity rate among very young children is worrisome for many reasons, and one is that obesity causes children to go through puberty earlier.

Basic Lifestyle
Oven-Steamed Endives with Lemon and Parsley

Intermediate Lifestyle
Grilled Spicy Lamb Burgers

Advanced Lifestyle
Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes, Capers & Olives

Final Lifestyle
Snapper and Snaps in a Packet

Stabilization & Maintenance
Peanutty Baked Chicken Cutlet


Weigh In: Talking to Your Children About
Weight and Health

With societal attention on weight, children may reach out to the adult in their lives with questions about whether or not they are "fat" and what they can do about it.  This guide is intended to help parents and care givers talk with their children about weight and health in ways that are factual, practical and sensitive to the many different emotions that can come with the complex issues surrounding weight.

250 lbs. vs. 120 lbs.

The difference between a 250 and 120 pound woman might be very obvious on the outside, but this thermographic body scan comparison clearly shows the distinctions between the two.

The Candy Diet

A word to the wise (or, I should say, to the not-too-wise): If diet pills look like a box of chocolates, they're likely too good to be true.

How to Cook Artichokes

How one cooks and eats an artichoke is not obvious from its appearance. If you've always wondered how to cook and eat the darn things, here are the steps.

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