Winning the Dieting Mental Game

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Ask anyone who is extremely successful — at anything — and 9 out of 10 of them will no doubt tell you they don’t have that much more talent or intelligence than anyone else. What every single one of them do have or did have, however, is a million times more desire to succeed than anybody else . . . and that is the mental part of the process.


You can lose weight and keep on losing it until you get to your goal, but unless you conquer the longing to slack off, to just not do it anymore, you’ll let your goal slip through your fingers. Don’t let it.


The first time you feel the faintest flutter of surrender, take action fast. Go to your daily journal — if you’ve been keeping one, and every dieter should — and re-read entries you made from the very beginning of your diet. Just reading how you felt when the pounds were first coming off is enough to relive the joy of accomplishment, re-sparking your incentive.


The questions to ask yourself when you’re tempted to slack are:


“Do I feel better now than I did before I went on my diet?”


“Do I like myself more?”


“Do I have more confidence?”


“Do I feel more in control of my life?”


Make a list of the things that have gotten better in your life since you started your diet. Even if it sounds trivial, list it.


These are the feelings and accomplishments you should dwell on. These confidence builders will only get stronger as you continue to lose weight.


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