Tick, Tock . . . It’s Time to Make Time to Lose Weight

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

Tied with “I Don’t Know” in the #1 spot for excuses from weight loss clients is the old standby, “I don’t have time.” Sound familiar?  


In his article, Do You Lie To Yourself About “Not Enough Time?”, Robert Bacall gets right to the heart of the matter on the true meaning of “I don’t have time”:

Given the array of things you feel you want to do or feel you need to do, the thing you are talking about simply is NOT important enough to allocate time to IT, rather than something else.


In my office, I hear “I don’t have time” (to follow the program; or to weigh and measure; or to plan a diary; or to prepare and pack meals and snacks for the next day; or to keep their appointment with me; and the list goes on) from overweight and obese clients every day.  While Mr. Bacall eloquently gives you the true definition of that phrase, my response to clients is the reality of that phrase:


It’s easy to say you’re too busy, too stressed, too tired, too “this” or too “that.” 

Too bad!

The only way to do away with stored fat is to first do away with the excuses.

STOP with the excuse that you don’t have the time.

There’s NEVER enough time.

There’s NEVER a good time.

There’s NEVER the right time.

There’s NEVER a convenient time.

Do nothing, get sick and you’ll long for time.

And when you’re dead . . . you’re out of time!




One of my favorite quotes is from Lord Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby (1826-1993), a British statesman who said in his “The Conduct of Life” address at Liverpool College on December 10, 1873:


Those who think they have no time for eating healthy will, sooner or later, have to find time for illness.


Use your time wisely. 

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