Taking Care of Business

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center



Many of my clients are career professionals and small business owners. There is a common problem among them: They put themselves last.


They work long hours and eat mindlessly all day; or, they let their work distract them and purposely go long hours without eating anything at all.


Those who were overweight, got heavier. Those who never had a weight issue until stress on the job distracted them from taking care or themselves started gaining weight and it just . . . kept . . . coming . . . on.


Either way, by the time many of them come to me, they’re fatigued, not feeling well, have been diagnosed with insulin resistance or diabetes; high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol . . . all of the things that could have been avoided had they prioritized their health. Their poor eating habits and weight gain have lead to negatively affecting their capabilities, potential and productivity at work and in their businesses.


Does this sound like you?


If you want to achieve and maintain and expand a healthy business, you have to have a healthy body. And for both to happen, you have to have a plan. Here are a few suggestions to living healthy and running a successful business:


  • Do not . . . I repeat, DO NOT . . . pass on eating breakfast. Make sure you’re eating something within an hour or so (not much longer) of waking. How you begin the day is the key to everything else that follows.


  • Make sure you have at least a mini-fridge in your office pantry or in your own office. Or, purchase a small cooler or insulated tote bag.


  • Think ahead at least one day at a time. Take a look at your schedule for the next day, and never go to the office without bringing your own food that you have prepared the night before. Perhaps 2 or 3 cups of salad (leafy greens + mixed raw chopped veggies), a can of tuna, a yogurt, a few pieces of fresh fruit, some whole-grain crackers, 1 or 2 low-fat cheese spreads or sticks, 1 cup of raw veggies to pick on . . . all are good choices.


  • Do not wait until you are starving to eat. By that time, your blood sugar has already dropped. Instead, make sure you eat every 2-3 hours. This stabilizes your blood sugar.


  • Make sure you drink a minimum of 9-11 cups of water a day. And more is better.


The combination of eating regularly (stabilizing blood sugar) and drinking water throughout the day (staying hydrated) will help you feel energized all day long. The more energy you have, the more clearly you think, the more engaged you will be at the office with employees and clients, the more productive you (and those around you) will be, and, of course, the more success you will enjoy.


You’ve got two businesses: the one you go to every day, and the one you live in every day.


Give daily time, attention and care to the one you live in, so you can enjoy the one you go to for as long as you like.

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