Living Large in a Small World

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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One of the things I hear from new clients at our first visit together—when I’m probing as to what brought them to me besides, of couse, the obvious fact that they are overweight—is that they feel left out. Oh, they may have spouses and kids and friends and all, but they know they don’t get out as much as they should for anything other than events that are, say, mandatory (like school events, for example). Additionally, many folks acknowledge that they are more observers than participants . . . and that there was a time in their lives when that wasn’t the case.


Clearly, their worlds have gotten smaller as they become larger.


Does that describe your world?


We humans are designed to connect, and I don’t mean from a sitting position at electronic devices connecting with people on social media!


If we can’t physically engage and bond with other people, we bond with the source of our problem or addiction.


Physically, then, it’s very difficult for overweight and obese individuals of any age to participate in many of the pastimes and activities that people enjoy that draws them together.


Emotionally, especially if they feel frustrated, angry, or upset, they find themselves more alone, with perhaps like-minded friends who are as lonely and unhappy with their weight and appearance as they are. (Misery loves company.)


If you’re overweight or obese, and see yourself transitioning from active to inactive, from participant to spectator, stop . . . catch yourself . . . do something about it.


Shrink your waistline and expand your world.


It does not have to be a small world, after all.

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