It’s in My Genes

Lori Boxer
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In my last two blogs, I wrote about the five common thoughts of those who fall prey to what I call, when it comes to weight loss, Given Up and Given In to Hopelessness. 


“This is who I am.”

“Guess I’ll be fat forever.”

“It’s in my genes.”

“I’m tired of dieting.”

“I’m happy being fat.”


These folks think this way all at once or come to these thoughts one at a time. I’ve recently addressed the statements “This is who I am” and “Guess I’ll be fat forever.” Today, I want to talk about the ever common, “It’s in my genes.”


It’s a scientific fact that what our ancestors passed down through our family trees can affect our life today. Depending on the genes in your family, you can end up having certain health issues that can impact your weight.


Some people are predisposed to developing diabetes, for example. Because of autoimmune conditions, their bodies are more insulin resistant. Or, you can have family genes that cause problems with the thyroid or other glands that can impede weight loss and make it more difficult regardless of your efforts. And, of course, we all know women who get their mothers and grandmothers hand-me-down breast cancer diagnoses!


However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to lose weight. It only means that you have to try a little harder.


Sometimes, there can be a genetic reason that can lead to obesity . . . if you let it.


But genetic causes of obesity are rarer than they are the norm, even though people like to convince themselves otherwise. The #1 cause of obesity is consuming more calories than is expended. If you struggle to lose weight, trying harder will bring you success. Period.


One of the best ways to try harder when it’s in your genes does not depend on your exercise routine.


What it does depend on is your determination to make the right dietary choices and to stick with it. Having the mind set of not quitting until you get the results that you want is the key factor in losing weight when it comes to having family genes that might make it more difficult to take off weight and to stay slim.


There’s no doubt that you might be one of the rare individuals who can honestly say, “It’s in my genes.” But when you finish that sentence with “ . . . “so I can’t lose weight,” you’re not being honest with yourself.


Regardless of what you have going on in your family health history, don’t use that as an excuse. When you do that, you’re actually seeking approval and a reason to let yourself down and to feel better for giving up.


Losing weight is hard even without having genes that won’t work with you. But you can do it if you decide that you want to do it. That’s why you see all kinds of weight loss success stories from people who have major struggles.


You too can have your own success story.


Success means that you’re going to strive to be healthy regardless of what shows up on the scale. It means that you don’t surrender to the mindset that you have no choice but to keep on the extra weight because your great-great-grandmother was obese.


It’s not in your g-e-n-e-s.


It’s in your j-e-a-n-s.


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