I’m Happy Being Fat

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Over the last four weeks, in each of my weekly blogs, I’ve been addressing the common thoughts of those who fall prey to, as relates to weight loss, Given Up and Given In to Hopelessness. 


“This is who I am.”

“Guess I’ll be fat forever.”

“It’s in my genes.”

“I’m tired of dieting.”

“I’m happy being fat.”


Folks either have these thoughts all at once or come to them one at a time. 


Today, I want to address: “I’m happy being fat.”


“I’m happy being fat” is a common thought in people who are overweight or obese. Sometimes this thought is, in their mind, coming from a place of self-acceptance and their own truth.


But almost always, this thinking comes from a place of defeatism. When you reach that point, it means that you’re tired of fighting, that you’re giving up and you view the needed weight loss as hopeless.


If you have thought you were happier being fat, you need to do an emotional self-examination and ask yourself if you really do feel that way or if you’re just tired of trying. Because being tired of trying isn’t the same thing as being happy about it.


If you’re not truly satisfied with your weight, what you’re doing by telling yourself that you’re happy being fat is a form of mental weight loss sabotage.


When you have thoughts like that, they can lead you to giving up and giving in to hopelessness. You must challenge them. You have to look at what you’re silently saying to yourself and evaluate it.


What you tell yourself, whether it’s truth or not, affects your emotions and actions because regardless of whether what you’re thinking is true or not, the mind doesn’t differentiate between the lies we tell ourselves and the truths. The mind simply processes what you think as being factual. So what you think in turn leads to the emotional let down of giving up.


Don’t take your thoughts at face value.


Question them. 


Challenge them. 


Dig deeper. 


Are you saying you’re happier being fat because you’re discouraged about the weight loss efforts?


When I hear this from someone, I ask them two questions to challenge their thinking.


  1.  “Where’s the proof that you’re happy being fat?”
  2.  “If you were slim and very happy right now, would you wake up one morning and purposely make a plan to gain weight to see what it’s like to be obese?”


You can ask yourself those questions when “I’m happy being fat” enters your head.


Too many people accept at face value the way they think and feel about their weight, choosing to believe they’re telling themselves the truth. It’s not that they deliberately lie, but emotions are not always indicative of what’s really going on logically.


“I’m happy being fat” is about as truthful as “I’m happy smoking two packs a day” and “I’m happy being an alcoholic” (or drug addict . . . pick your addictions). If people could go back in time to the day when they didn’t smoke or didn’t have addictions to drugs or narcotics, trust me . . . they wouldn’t begin.


So, while you may be happy you stopped trying — ahhh, all that freedom to eat what you want, when you want, no restrictions of any kind . . . the big exhale, like taking off your girdle and letting it all hang out — you are certainly NOT happy you’re fat.



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