Is Your Weight Loss Plan Failing You?

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Most diets set you up to fail.


They’re either too quick, too narrow-focused, too restrictive, too fake.


They’re just not sustainable. Not a way of life.


A weight loss plan should enhance your life.


You should feel capable, accomplished, organized and energized by your food plans. There might be hard choices to make, but they should not feel like punishment.


So how do you know if you haven’t picked the right weight loss plan? Here are some red flags to watch for (and to own up to):


🚩 You’re hopelessly tired.


🚩 You’re insanely grumpy.


🚩 You’re sneaking into the pantry at night and binging.


🚩 You’ve adopted an all-or-nothing mentality.


🚩 You stop socializing or isolate yourself.


🚩 You’re dreaming about foods that you can’t eat.


🚩 You’re obsessed with tracking devices of any kind.


🚩 You’re frustrated to the point of anger, despair, or tears.


There’s also the classic marker: The amount of weight and inches you’re actually losing. If you don’t see any progress after a few weeks, it’s likely time to reconsider your plan and/or your actions.


Ask yourself:


❓ What changes and modifications would make a plan or program [perhaps even my current “non-working” one] more sustainable [and effective] for me?


❓ Can I eat this way (or very close to it) for the rest of my life?


❓ Is this the way I want my children to eat?


If your diet plan is not tailored for you, and if it is not constructed in a manner in which you (and your children) can eat for the rest of your life, your weight loss plan will fail you.


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