Fitness Myths Debunked

Lori Boxer
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It’s easy to fall into the trap: A workout buddy passes along an exercise tip, and then you pass it along to others. Your kid’s coach gives you some advice, which you’ve heard elsewhere so you figure it must be true.


In the world of fitness and weight loss, myths and half-truths abound, not the least of which is: Exercise is the best way to lose weight. The truth, however, about that particular myth is that if you’re looking to lose weight, you cannot simply “work off” whatever you eat. Slimming down almost always starts with significant changes to your eating habits; diet play a much bigger role than exercise when it comes to weight loss.


Unfortunately, some fitness/weight loss myths may actually keep you from getting the best and safest workout or achieving the healthy weight loss you want.


Some myths are harmless half-truths, but others can be harmful.


No two people are exactly the same, so what’s true for one person may not be true for another.


When it comes to fitness and exercise, always seek advice from a pro in those fields. They will take a personal assessment of who YOU are (age, weight, medical issues, level of fitness, physical limitations if any, etc.) and then guide you to the appropriate exercise routine, personal training regimen or weight loss program.

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