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Weight Loss Programs for the Workplace


photo-wnmdc-workforceweightloss2Obesity in the work place is at epidemic proportions: two thirds of a typical American workforce is overweight or obese. These overweight employees are at a higher risk for developing the diseases that cost employers more (high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke) — up to 52% more in annual healthcare costs vs. healthy weight employees! . . . which results in businesses experiencing substantial increases in benefits premiums. This is painful for all employers, both big and small businesses alike. Why?


As compared to their healthier, non-obese counterparts: 1


  • Obese workers file twice the number of workers comp claims.
  • Obese employees have 7 times higher medical costs from those claims.
  • Obese employees lose 13 times more days of work due to injury or illness.
  • Obese employees cause their employers to bear a 21% higher health care cost.
  • Obesity among full-time employees costs U.S. employers more than $73 billion per year.2


Non-smoking, healthy-weight employees have fewer unplanned, missed work days.


Slimmer and healthier employees means lower employer-paid premiums.


Is a Workforce Weight Loss Program right for your business?


Are you an employer or business owner who pays all or part of your employees’ medical benefits and health insurance?


Are you contemplating having overweight employees pay a larger share of their health insurance benefits due to the rising costs of your premiums?


Have the costs and regulatory implications of the ACA encouraged you to cut your work force, cut employee hours and/or to avoid hiring obese job applicants or promoting obese employees?


As a business owner or employer, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. What would it mean to the bottom line of the business if we provided a reward-incentive to overweight and obese employees to lose weight and lower their insurance premiums?
  2. What if we could decrease absenteeism and medical claims while increasing the health and productivity of all who work here? 
  3. What can we do to get a better, cheaper insurance plan for the company with a minimized pass-through of costs to employees?


. . . and, the answer is NOT to install on-site vending machines with healthier snacks, or provide healthier meal options in the company cafeteria, or free memberships to fitness facilities or corporate on-site wellness programs. All that is fine, but they are perks . . . they are not incentives to get your employees to commit to losing weight and to keeping it off.


How does a Workforce Weight Loss Program work?


Just as our individual programs are customized for each client, a one-size business program can not fit all businesses.


Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center can work with your business to incentivize your employees to achieve their weight loss goals.  A custom Workforce Weight Loss℠ Program for your business might have you cover the costs of your employees weight loss programs, in whole or in part, with reimbursement incentives at set benchmarks.  Or, we might enter into a monthly retainer relationship with your business, whereby based on number of total employees, regardless of how much or how little weight they need to lose, Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center would be available to all employees for the full range of services we provide.


Through private one-on-one visits two to three times a week by appointment, either locally in our offices or the Skinny Skype℠ distance mode (phone, Skype and email), or a combination of both local and distance, we can provide the discipline, guidance, structure and accountability that your employees need to achieve their weight loss goals. We are confident that your business will start enjoying the benefits of a healthier and happier workforce — and lower health insurance premiums! — before too long.


What is your business weighting for?


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