Weight Loss for Teens

Helping an over-fat child of any age is frequently a daunting task for parents, made more difficult by the fact that they simply too often don’t know how to go about it or where to begin. Quick-fix weight loss programs are not the same as healthy weight loss programs, and when it comes to young people nothing less than healthy weight loss should be the objective. Unfortunately, pediatricians too often tell parents to just cut down on their kids’ portions and get them moving. That won’t work either: Chances are they’ll just eat less of what got them overweight in the first place.


When I work with young people (16 years of age and up), my mission is straight-forward:


To TEACH them how to eat correctly, from each of the food groups, in a friendly, warm, personal and private, and nonjudgmental environment.


To CULTIVATE a confidential coach-client relationship, where they are comfortable and encouraged to speak freely.


To EMPOWER them to understand that every action they take has a re-action, that what and how they eat affects their sleep, their energy and stamina, their attentiveness at school, their athletic and scholastic abilities, their self-confidence, self-esteem and social interactions.


To GUIDE parents in what and how to feed their child and to not just include them in the process but to have them “own it,” to take responsibility for their own well-being and to achieve success.


To ENCOURAGE parents of an overweight teen to practice what I teach their child, to set the example for their child, to make it a family affair.


Teach. Cultivate. Empower. Guide. Encourage.  These are the fundamentals that we, as parents, must use in all aspects of our children’s lives — all throughout their lives and, most importantly, in their formative years — and nowhere are they more important than in their eating habits.


Teenagers are old enough to “own it” — to take responsibility to achieve success and, therefore, I work with them directly, not through a parent.



If your teenager is overweight or obese, I can help. Please fill have them fill out a Consultation Questionnaire, and I will respond on my next business day.