Weight Loss Happens Between the Ears

Lori Boxer
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For those who don’t want to work very hard, who don’t want to change their thinking, well . . . there are lots of options.


The marketplace is overloaded with diet books, each proclaiming to be “the one” or “the best” or “the fastest” or “the cheapest” for permanent weight loss.


Or you can find a doctor to either prescribe diet pills to suppress appetites or to give you injections to over-stimulate your metabolism.


Or you can join the myriad of quick-fix diet programs who sell packaged foods, powdered drinks, herbs, vitamins, supplements, energy bars, pills, etc., delivered by package right to your door; you don’t even have to walk to the mailbox!


On the other hand, when you accept the fact that slow and steady weight loss is THE ONLY healthy weight loss, and that the only way to accomplish this is with a lifestyle change, you tackle the first and most important issue — acceptance that you will have to work to lose weight and to manage your weight loss your entire life.


The only way to get off the dieting roller coaster is to make a commitment to not only change your eating lifestyle but to modify your mind as well.


If you want your body to change, you must first change your mind.


Weight loss happens between the ears!


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