The Policies


Within 3 days of receiving a sales receipt, we must receive a signed and dated written notice of cancellation, and all original paperwork must be returned. After 3 days of receiving a sales receipt no refunds will be given.



Refunds are made within 30 days and will exclude the consultation, enrollment and credit card convenience fees as well any used service weeks.



Weeks of service may not be transferred.



A client may freeze paid unused weeks of service for up to 12 months from their join date (or renewal date) or, in cases of a medical emergency or study-abroad program, 12 months from their last visit. Unused weeks of a weight loss or pregnancy program service may be put towards post-pregnancy weight loss for up to 6 months after delivery. In all other cases, unused weeks are forfeited and re-enrollment and purchase of a new program will be required.



Lateness to appointments not only affects our schedule but our ability to properly service our clients. We can not allow a client’s lateness to affect the time allotted for our next client. If a client arrives late, their allotted time will be shorter. If a client begins to show a pattern of chronic lateness, we will ask them to reach out to us the day before or the day of when they know they can make and keep an appointment. In that case, we will do our best to accommodate them.



A no-show = a deduction of 1 paid week of service, excluding emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.



Paperwork we distribute, information we disclose or attach to emails is proprietary and/or legally privileged. Any unauthorized use copying, printing, forwarding, sharing, selling or other distribution is a violation of copyright laws.