The Hardship of Being Slim

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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If you want to be a successful “loser” (of weight, that is!), you have to prepare for the hardship of being slim.


You might ask yourself, “What in the world could possibly be hard about being slim?!” Believe it: The world, and especially those in your personal and professional circles, treats you very differently at 210, at 185, at 160 and 135.


Most of the changes will be positive, others not so much—at least initially. People may have different expectations of you. You’ll have to deal with buying new kinds and sizes of clothing, and people of both sexes may treat you very differently. After a while, you may even start to get irritated when people compliment you. Heavy friends and relatives may (dare I say, will) resent your success and try to sabotage your efforts.


It’s also important to realize that losing weight doesn’t wash away all other problems: You’ll no doubt still have an argumentative teenager to deal with, and you and your husband may still have financial issues to worry about. In fact, for some people, certain problems become even more acute, particularly if they were hiding behind their weight.


You may have trouble accepting yourself as slim. Being aware may help you better handle what’s ahead.

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