The Consultation

I ask clients to block out 90 minutes for the initial consultation. I will first discuss goal and maintenance weights. Age, height, current weight, medical/physical issues are all contributing factors to the goal weight that I will set for a client. I stress that I will tell you what your goal and maintenance weights should be because I are here to get you slim — not the slimmest you want to be, and not the slimmest you’ve ever been, especially if in those scenarios you’d still be overweight! If you do not get to a weight that can be stabilized and maintained, you will gain it all back.


I begin each consultation with a visual explanation of what fat cells and skinny cells are, how they grow and shrink and how they relate to the metabolism because I want to make it very clear to clients how “gaining weight” happens. Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself overweight or obese is one thing, but it’s what you don’t see that can kill you!  I show you what visceral fat looks like inside the body and discuss in detail some of the major ways it’s so dangerous to your health.


I then discuss the series of weight loss programs that each client will go through — Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Final Lifestyles. Each program is balanced; clients eat from each of the food groups every day — proteins, vegetables, fruits, milk/dairy, grains and fats — and all are designed to be lower protein/high fiber, lower fat/high complex carbohydrates. This conversation is followed by a discussion of the free 6-week Stabilization and 12-week Maintenance programs. I then answer questions as well as discuss fees and policies.


All Lifestyle weight loss programs are personalized for the wide variety of clients I serve: men and women, teens; those with medical issues such as diabetes, IBS and Crohn’s, PCOS, heart disease, insulin resistance and cancer; pregnant and nursing women. I also serve clients who don’t need to lose weight but who have bad eating habits and who want to learn how to eat right, and they must be serviced differently.


I am honest and transparent, and I go out of my way to make sure clients fully understand the program and what is expected of them as participants, and I confirm that all of their questions were answered to their full satisfaction. Upon joining, I provide clients with an itemized receipt that spells out all aspects of their program — including starting weight, goal and maintenance weights, and the number of weight loss weeks of service for which they paid. 


If you would like to schedule a consultation, please fill out this questionnaire.