You’re Not Genetically Destined to Be Fat

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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You are not genetically destined to be fat!
It’s a scientific fact that what our ancestors passed down through our family tree can affect our life today and that depending on family genes, you can end up having certain health issues that can impact your weight.
However, genetic causes of obesity are rare, even though people like to convince themselves otherwise. If you’re one of those rare individuals who can honestly say, “It’s in my genes,” but you finish that sentence with “ . . . so I can’t lose weight,” you’re not being honest with yourself.
Regardless of your family history, don’t use it as an excuse. When you do, you’re seeking approval and a reason to let yourself down and to feel better for giving up.
Losing weight is hard even without having genes that won’t work with you. But you can do it if you decide you want to do it. That’s why you see all kinds of weight loss success stories from people who have major struggles.
You too can have your own success story.
Success means striving to be healthy regardless of what the scale shows. It means you don’t surrender to a mindset that you have no choice but to be overweight because your great-grandmother was obese.
It’s not in your GENES.
It’s in your JEANS.