Weight Loss Products

Lori Boxer
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Are you one of the majority of people who have tried dozens of weight loss products?


There are NO weight-control “products” that address the real issues of lifestyle change and, as a result, produce only temporary results at best.


The result is a cycle of repeated failures that have a devastating effect on self-esteem and hope. Quick fixes lead to long-term despair . . . and desperation is the mother of delusion! The more desperate you are, the more you need to believe in the answer so that more and more power is given over to products.


One of the ironies of the search for the quick fix is that even if there was one, it wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t work because when it comes to making lifestyle changes that are affected by many decisions throughout the day, a person needs to be in conscious control, completely vigilant—not pursuing blind faith in some outside force. All magic bullets and quick fixes are defeatist because their implicit message is that the person is powerless to change him- or herself.


Magic bullets ALWAYS keep you dependent and helpless.