Stretchpants Your Way to Fat(ter)

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Yoga pants
Sweat pants
Elastic waistbands




Yoga pants and leggings, in particular, are designed to stretch something ridiculous, like 1000%, and yet somehow hold you in, “hide” the real you. They’re tummy control. Hip control. Thigh control. Ass control.


They let you think nothing’s changed.


“Oh? These are “only” a Medium? That’s great!”
. . . as they then stretch into a XX!


Non-stretch jeans also have a little bit of stretch to them, but they’re a whole lot less forgiving than leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants, or pajamas/lounge pants with elastic waists.


Jeans are more restrictive. They start to feel tight or look not quite right. You’ll quickly feel when things are getting out of hand.


Stretchy bottoms do not.


Jeans give you signs and signals, discreet warnings. Eat less. Drink more water. Hit the gym. Work harder. Somehow, your jeans tell you all of this.


Stretchy bottoms do not.


The scale works, too, of course, but nothing’s worse than not fitting into your jeans, right?


The only time you should wear yoga pants, leggings, or sweat pants with elastic waistbands is for exercise or working out. And if you don’t, get rid of them.


Then, get in touch with your REAL size by introducing your thighs, ass, hips and stomach to a pair of jeans.