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Do you have a negative, defeatist attitude?
Have you ever met someone who was consistently negative? Who always found something to complain about? Who drains the energy from those around them? Who quits at the first bit of adversity?
Why would someone like that, who has given up (on losing weight, on stopping smoking or drinking, etc.), be the type of person who encourages you to persist?
Why (how?!) would they be the type to motivate and inspire you?
People who have given up on their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours.
Would you want to be around someone like that? Probably not for very long.
Well, why be that way with yourself? It can’t be helpful, can it? It hasn’t been thus far, has it?
If you approach your weight loss goals (and the occasional slip-ups) with a negative, defeatist attitude, it is unlikely that the results will be positive.
If, by contrast, you approach them with a positive attitude, it is much more likely that you’ll secure a more positive outcome with weight loss or anything else you’re trying to accomplish.
Your thoughts and words create your experiences. Start thinking and talking to yourself differently to get a different result.