Confidence to Pursue Your Dreams

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Although looking better is, of course, one of the strongest components of self-confidence, appearance is not the only thing that causes you to feel confident about yourself after losing weight.


Going through a significant body transformation can give you the confidence to pursue other dreams of yours as well.


When you realize how much discipline and willpower and commitment you can muster when you really want to achieve something great, such as weight loss, you will have more drive to apply that same level of dedication to another goal that you want to achieve in life. You realize, in essence, “Hey, if I can do that, I can do anything.”


Just very recently, I’ve had a front row seat (and the joy) to watch several of my clients who, coincidentally, are all in their 50’s, get back to doing ballet after a few decades, go back to school for their Masters, purchase their very first home, get a new job in a new field for a whole new career start.


Their transformations made them realize that with consistency, incredible things can happen in a matter of months or a year, and that the best times of their lives can still be ahead of them. And clearly, it is. And so it can be for you.


Getting in great shape will have a cascading effect, where you feel naturally compelled to begin improving other aspects of yourself, both personally and professionally, and the life you want to live.