Personal Organizing Planner

Clerical--Personal Organizing Planner--2023


Too many people get fat (and stay fat) because of clutter and chaos and disorganization in their lives.


You cannot continue to fly by the seat of your pants, squeezing “stuff” (errands, chores, personal appointments) in, and hope to be successful (at anything in life). That operating method causes stress and anxiety and hinders good sleep (all of which affects your hormones and metabolism), and only gives you yet another (in a long list) excuse for why you can’t reach your goal.


If you always allow yourself to be sidetracked and struggle with focusing on your own physical and emotional needs, you will never be successful at weight loss.


You might like to tell yourself (and everyone else) how “busy” you are, running around like a chicken without a head, doing this and that for everyone else in your life, hiding behind that excuse as to why you can’t focus on yourself. But being “busy” is not the same as being “productive.”


I created a Personal Organizing Planner to work with clients on the time/day management method of time blocking, because to get slim and stay slim, you need to be more productive and, yes, sometimes even extremely rigid with your schedule. I have heard repeatedly from clients that when they became more disciplined with and committed to a personal planning schedule, they were amazed at how much time they “found” (which, they had all along!) to devote to self-care.


Block scheduling does require a certain amount of discipline. But, as I tell clients all the time, when it comes to weight loss in general, motivation wavers. Discipline is what sees you through for the long-term.