Out With the Old, In With the . . . 𝙊𝙡𝙙?

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center


Last year at this time, were you overweight or obese? Did a healthy goal weight seem unattainable, and did a year from then seem so far away?


Well, here we are, folks. Another year has come and gone., and we’re already approaching the end of 1Q 2022. 


“The old” is a small universe comprised of habits, rituals and pre-established actions. From the inside, it looks like the most beautiful and safe place in the world, but from the outside it looks just like a prison — a special kind of prison because, in there, you’re the prisoner 𝘢𝘯𝘥 the guard.


Being stuck in your old ways is completely dysfunctional and counterproductive. How do you expect to bring meaningful change and exciting new opportunities into your life if you’re still stuck in your old ways?


If you want to be a successful “loser” in 2022, you must accept some things about yourself.


1.  You have to make yourself #1. You have to put yourself first.  

You have to get stubborn. You have to develop a kind of selfishness about yourself and your weight and health. Just figure out what it takes to take care of yourself (and you know what that is) and do that. If you have to carry around 5-lb. sacks of apples in your car so you always have something healthy handy, then do that. Never concern yourself with what it looks like to others.


2.  You have to get in touch with what your weight is doing for you.  

Many people hide behind their weight; it helps them avoid challenges or escape intimacy. With layers of fat for “protection,” they’re in a “comfort zone,” where they feel safe. Ask yourself what you’re getting out of being fat. What’s it doing for you? 


3.  You have to prepare for the hardship of being slim.  

You might ask yourself, “What in the world could possibly be hard about being slim?!” Believe it: The world treats you very differently at 210, at 185, at 160 and 125.


Most of the changes will be positive, others not so much — at least initially. People may have different expectations of you. You’ll have to deal with buying new kinds and sizes of clothing, and people of both sexes may treat you very differently. After a while, you may even start to get irritated when people compliment you. Overweight friends and relatives may (dare I say, will) resent your success and try to sabotage your efforts. It’s also important to realize that losing weight doesn’t wash away all other problems: You’ll still have an argumentative teenager to deal with, and you and your spouse may still have financial issues to worry about. In fact, for some people, certain problems become even more acute, particularly if they were hiding behind their weight.


4.  You’ll have to look forward to what you’ll gain.  

Every successful weight-loser sees more positive changes in their lives than negative ones: Shopping for clothes they want to wear instead of trying to find clothes that look good on them; enjoying compliments regarding their weight loss and improved appearance; increased energy level and stamina; being more active, outgoing and self-assured; more restful sleep. Even though losing weight won’t make your other problems go away, you may feel much more confident about solving them.


5.  You have to accept that it’s not easy, it’s not always fair.  

Losing weight and keeping it off may be one of the hardest things you ever do. But like all difficult challenges and bad habits we try to break, or addictions we try to conquer, it does get easier with time. Accept the fact that it’s just something you must do. It’s OK to feel that it’s unfair to have a weight problem, but get tired of it, get over it and get rid of it!


6.  You have to know that your motivation for weight control will go up and down.  

Whether in weight loss mode or for goal-maintenance, sometimes it’s just plain harder than at other times to keep focused on the prize. It’s especially difficult when people stop noticing the new you. When you’re in losing weight mode, it’s exciting: Your waist gets smaller, you start dressing differently, you might change your hairstyle, and everyone notices. But, for some people, the maintenance mode is tough because there’s no change, and no change is about as exciting as watching paint dry! Successful weight-losers and weight-maintainers develop their own internal incentives to help them stay focused on their weight goals.


7.  You have to give yourself permission to screw up.  

Despite all the best laid plans and preparation, you will definitely make mistakes from time to time. Successful weight-losers do not let a lapse become a relapse. They learn how to pick themselves up after a spill, dust themselves off and start again. Learn to forgive yourself. If you mess up, it’s not the end of the world. The sun will rise in the morning; it always does.


8.  You have to accept that you won’t lose weight overnight.  

“It took more than a day to put it on. It’ll take more than a day to take it off.” is a saying you’ve heard and it’s definitely true. Unfortunately, too many people who finally decide “today is the day” are suddenly in a big rush. Forget it. It’s not happening. If you’re truly serious about dieting for one last time, you must accept that you’re on your way to becoming slim for life. The habits that lead to being overweight or obese can be changed permanently . . . but over a period of time. That’s healthy weight loss, the kind that gives you the best chance to keep it off. Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. Weight loss doesn’t either.


Nothing good EVER comes from being overweight.


No one EVER becomes slim and healthy without working for it.


It NEVER gets easier if you keep putting it off.


So, what’s it going to be in 2022?


New year, new you?


Or, different year, same shit?

Slimcerely yours℠,

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