Mind Your Own Business in 2017

Lori Boxer
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Another year has come to a close.


In our personal lives, this is the time when we reflect on the year that has just ended:  The things we did, the places we went, the people we met; the good things we’ll always remember, the bad things we hope to forget; the things we are looking forward to doing in the new year, the mistakes we made last year that we hope not to repeat this year.


For business owners, this is also the time to reflect on the year that just ended:  How and where we invested capital in our business, and what was the return; the products and services we offered—what worked? what didn’t? what do we want to continue? what do we want to put on the shelf? What is our business plan going forward? Are we going to do the same thing, or will we go in a new direction? Do we have the tools and resources we need to be successful?


Think you’re not a business owner?  Well, you’re wrong!


EVERY SINGLE PERSON reading this right now IS a business owner . . . because your body IS your business!


You know why 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first 18 months?  


It’s because the owners didn’t have a strategic plan.  They may have had a brilliant idea, a great product or service, and they may have been be very, very smart . . . but ‘hoping’ and ‘wishing’ for success isn’t enough.  A vision of being successful isn’t going to make it happen . . . no matter the talent, no matter the significant financial resources that might be available.


You know why so many older, established businesses fail?


It’s because the owners didn’t have a strategic plan to maintain their success.  They got complacent; they settled for the success they had; they did the same thing over and over; never evolved; never added new products or services; never thought it necessary to reach out and target new demographics, change things up; always assumed their customers would be there.


If you’re overweight or obese, and if you really and truly want to be slim, hoping and wishing just ain’t gonna do it!  You have the objective:  To become a successful, long-term business owner.  So, what is your business plan?  What are the specific action steps you will take, the specific changes you will make (how and when), in order to fulfill your business plan?


If you have previously lost weight and want to maintain being slim, hoping and wishing isn’t going to do it!  You have the objective:  To continue being a long-term, successful business owner.  So, what is your business plan?  What are the specific action steps you will take to keep your currently successful business invigorated and motivated, to prevent you from getting complacent (lazy) and to re-enforce the positive changes you made initially that got you slim.


If you don’t have a business plan to lose weight, you won’t ever reach your weight loss objective.  You will never create a successful business.


If you don’t have a business plan to maintain your weight loss, you will gain all your weight back (and more!).  Your once successful business will go out of business.


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So, what’s YOUR business plan for 2017?


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