Menu Planning for Weight Loss

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center
Clerical--Weekly Menu Planner--2021



When you’re trying to lose or control your weight, there are those who recommend recording what you eat in a day, either throughout the day as you go along or at the end of the day. 


I don’t.


“Recording” isn’t the same thing as “planning.”


Recording means having to stop what you’re doing either right before or right after you eat in order to record it. Or, having to remember to do it at some other point that day, or in the evening, and then trying to recall what you think you remember you ate and drank . . . and not exactly all that you ate and drank!


Recording after the fact takes more time, and is more stressful. 


I teach clients to plan in advance at least one day at a time, but 2 or 3 is better, especially during the work week. This way, you tell yourself what your intentions are, based on your schedule, for an entire day at a time. You see what you need to eat and at what time; you prepare it in advance, pack it and bring it with you; and follow through for a successful eating day.


Here are 8 other benefits of planning a food diary in advance:


👍 It saves a ton of time in the supermarket.


👍 It allows for advanced food prep of your meals and snack items.


👍 It prevents “calorie amnesia.”


👍 It helps develop greater self-discipline.


👍 It can help to identify moods, situations and events that lead to excessive eating of unwanted calories


👍 It serves as the document on which you can record your weight.


👍 It gives a look-back at your habits.


👍 It serves as a check system for your physician or trainer.


Planning in advance means you’re organized.

Being organized means you are in control.

Being in control means you aren’t stressed.

And when you’re not stressed, you will be more successful.


The time you take to plan in advance buys you way more time during the week to put your energies and efforts to other things.


Plain and simple: Menu planning is, inarguably, the best predictor of weight loss and control. Hands down.

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