Male Obesity and Sperm Health

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Obesity and sperm health are not a healthy pairing which is why obesity is a central cause of male infertility.


Sperm health is measured by three factors:


  1. Motility – Ability to swim efficiently;
  2. Vitality – Percentage of living healthy sperm in a specimen; and
  3. Morphology – Size and shape of individual sperm.


Excess fat alters a man’s hormones — increasing estrogen and lowering testosterone. It also increases the temperature of the testicles, which should typically be lower than a man’s core body temperature. If, however, testicular temperature is higher over time, it is difficult to generate healthy sperm in high quality and high count.


“Infertility problems” are not just a female issue. A man’s weight also has a significant impact on a couple’s ability to conceive.


A more serious men’s infertility issue, azoospermia (a complete lack of viable sperm in the semen) is also more common in obese men.


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