Male Belly Fat and Diabetes

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Men, want to know why you develop type 2 diabetes at a lower BMI than women?


It’s because where fat is distributed makes a big difference in one’s risk for the disease.


Women gain weight, initially, in places that are metabolically safe – hips, thighs. (As they gain more weight, it will deposit in a male pattern.)


A man’s excess fat tends to go intra-abdominal, what’s often referred to as beer belly.


Fat inside the abdomen envelopes the internal organs, and fat closest to the organs releases metabolic products directly into the part of the body that carries blood straight to the liver.


This means that these fat cells pour fatty acids into your liver, pancreas, heart and other organs – cells that are not engineered to store fat. This leads to organ dysfunction, causing improper control of insulin and blood sugar.


The more insulin is produced, the more glucose is taken up by the liver to store for future use.


As a result, fellas, your blood sugar accumulates in the blood stream instead of being processed by the liver. This causes damage to organs all over your body.


Here are some other sobering facts:


👉 Men are more likely to suffer complications.

👉 Men are more likely to face amputation as a result of diabetes.

👉 Men are more likely to die from diabetes.


So, fellas, what are you weighting for?


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