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It Takes WHYpower to Lose Weight


So many people say they don’t have the discipline to make big changes in their lives and, as you can imagine, I meet new clients all the time who tell me they don’t have the “will”power to stick to new lifestyle changes. From hands-on experience with clients over 20 years, what I’ve learned is that it’s not just about being strong willed. It’s about WHY you want to change something. That’s the sweet spot.


The #1 tip that I give to clients to stay motivated on their weight loss journey is: What was the catalyst to begin in the first place? Ask yourself WHY you began?


Was it that you are tired of feeling ashamed or embarrassed of how you look?


Was it that you don’t like to go out and, therefore, feel socially isolated? 


Was it that you hate going shopping being able to only buy clothes that cover you up instead of clothes you’d like to wear?


Was it problems in intimacy with a spouse or partner? 


Was it to set an example for your children who are also overweight and you want to instill some new habits in the household? 


Was it because you refuse to be in photographs because you hate the way you look and there are special events coming up—a wedding, a prom, a milestone birthday, etc.—and you won’t be able to avoid being in photos? 


Was it because you were diagnosed with diabetes?


Was it because you had a bout with cancer?


Was it because you started to snore and have to wear a CPAP?


Was it because you’re having problems with infertility? 


Was it lack of mobility preventing you from playing with grandchildren? From traveling? From enjoying activities you used to be able to do? . . . and on and on.


For most clients, the answer is “yes” to many of these questions. I encourage them to write down on a piece of paper all the reasons they need to lose weight; to keep that paper in their wallet, adding to it when necessary; and to look at it whenever they feel they’re about to go off track.


Weight loss motivation is about the why-power, not willpower.

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