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Lori Boxer
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My clients ask me about the Impossible burgers all the time. Most ask not because they’re vegan, but only because they think they’re lower-calorie and lower-fat. Also, there are restaurants that serve Impossible Burgers so sometimes a client will ask if that’s a good choice for the occasional eat-in or take-out.


When it comes to calories and fat, using a standard 4 oz. cooked measure as one serving, a beef hamburger (90% lean) and Impossible Burger are identical in calories (240) and fat (Impossible, 14 grams; regular hamburger 13 grams).


The Impossible Burger, however, contains added preservatives, salt, flavorings, and fillers to enhance its taste, shelf life, and texture. And when it comes to the salt, there’s no comparison: the Impossible Burger is way higher than a regular beef patty.


Another downside to the Impossible Burger offered at a restaurant is that any restaurant can (and does) put their own spin on it, meaning that other ingredients — aside from those listed on the Impossible Burger web site or packaging — may be (are) present in their final version of that burger.


If someone is a strict vegan and/or wants to eat a more nutritious plant-based burger, the way to go is with a more whole-food-based veggie burger.



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