I Care About You. Do You?

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Not long ago, a LinkedIn connection posted a good, thought-provoking question:


“Should you care more about solving your buyers’ problems than they do?”


Now, obviously, in my business, the “buyer” is my prospects (those who need my services) and clients (those who have engaged my services).


The reason her question stood out for me was because the answer to the question is something I speak with clients about all the time.


My short answer to her question is a resounding “No.” No, I should not care more about solving my clients problems than they do. No. Absolutely not.


Over the last 20+ years, folks, I’ve told many a client directly, “When losing weight, when getting healthy, when getting rid of your meds, when setting an example for your kids, when fearing a cancer recurrence or another heart attack or stroke, when fear of transitioning from type 2 to type 1 diabetes, when . . . (etc and so forth) . . . becomes more important to you than it is to me, when you want it for yourself more than I want it for you, only then will you be successful.”


And this message is conveyed most often to parents (usually the moms) of obese kids.


I can’t tell you how many times a parent (who, themselves, are most often very overweight or obese) pays me, and then thinks the “magic” happens; that just by paying me their kid will lose weight. (It’s like folks who join a gym so they can tell everyone, “I joined a gym.” But do they ever go to the gym? Rarely, if ever.)


To a parent, I’ll say straight-up: “When you start to care even half as much as I do about helping your kid, when you realize paying me isn’t enough, that there’s work involved, only then will your child stand a chance at not battling their weight, a problem you gave them, for the rest of their lives.”


I do care about my clients. A lot.


I do passionately want to help them.


Clients do see, know and understand that our solution (my program and services) is critical to their problem and, frankly, in many cases, to their survival.


And I am very good at what I do. And Rosalie Shatzman, the manager in my Long Island office, is very good at what she does.


But, no matter my sincere intentions; no matter my experience and track record of success; no matter the fabulous, healthy lifestyle services and personal attention we provide; I absolutely cannot help anyone solve their problems who isn’t committed and dedicated to helping themselves (or their children).


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