Fat Isn’t Curvy

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center



Daily, we see obese females posting their photos on Instagram and other socials saying things like “This is what a real body looks like,” and “No man wants skin and bones.”


Hmm . . . should we call that “skinny shaming” I wonder?


These messages conveys to overweight young girls that carrying excessive fat isn’t all that bad. I’m sorry, but it is — for their mental and physical health and longevity.


If you’re a female carrying excessive toxic visceral fat:


❌ Don’t maintain a ton of weight and settle for calling yourself “curvy” and “thick” and “plus sized.”


❌ Don’t keep telling yourself you’re comfortable as you are, eating however you wish and act like you want to be obese just because that is what you are.


Curves imply arcs, parts of the body that wave in and out—not rolls of excess fat and skin, sagging over bones it’s meant to cover; not stomach fat that spills over the top of your underwear.


If you were at a slim healthy weight, if you never had a weight problem, would you wake up one morning and decide to purposely work to gain a ton of weight so you could grow into “curvy” and “thick” and “plus sized?”


I don’t think you would.


Telling over-fat young girls to be happy with how they look even if they are extremely unhealthy is the same as telling girls with anorexia that it’s OK to continue starving themselves if that makes them happy.


Moms, set good examples for your daughters.


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