Dangerous Dieting

Lori Boxer
Weight★No★More℠ Diet Center

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Diets that encourage eating only one type of food or promise rapid weight loss can be dangerous to your health. The short list of the possible risks posed by fad diets includes:


  • Nutritional deficiencies caused by a lack of a balanced diet.
  • Lack of variety in foods causes boredom and frustration, and makes it difficult to maintain the fad diet for more than a brief period.
  • Severe restrictions on the foods you can eat makes it difficult to establish and maintain a healthy diet in the future.


Sure, taking off the excess fat is more work than putting it on probably was, but even when the going gets tough, it’s better than eating nothing but cabbage soup, avoiding the bread aisle, or choking down food you hate. You do not have to make yourself miserable in order to lose weight.


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The fact is, ‘dieting’ is not the same thing as ‘changing one’s diet.’ Before you begin a weight loss endeavor, before choosing to waste your time and money on a gimmicky, quick-fix program or product, here’s something to ponder:


If you can’t see yourself eating a certain way for the rest of your life, you shouldn’t be doing it to lose weight in the first place.


If you wouldn’t encourage and support your overweight child to eat in the wacky way you’re about to choose, don’t do it.


There’s only one right way to diet and lose weight: slowly, over time, and while eating a balanced diet with plenty of healthy foods from all the food groups.


The work to lose weight (and to maintain it) has to be an uncompromising, non-negotiable, everyday thing . . . like brushing your teeth.


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