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When we reach adulthood and settle down and start to build the good life we want, our efforts and energies turn towards things outside ourselves: children, spouses, friends, family, and work pursuits. We have so much happening around us and so much to do and many people lose touch with both their bodies and their minds. They slip into their own comfort zone where so many of their needs are fulfilled by food. It eases their anxiety, relieves their frequent frustrations, and makes periodic bouts of the blues bearable. It dominates their social interactions. They continue to see themselves as they have always been and ignore the love handles and pockets of fat that attach themselves to parts of their body they resolutely ignore. Their bodies, and their internal image of their bodies, become more and more contradictory.


Our minds can only get us where we want to go if it is supported by a belief in our ability to bring about a successful conclusion; now is the time to dismiss any expectations of failure. There may have been many unsuccessful dieting/lifestyle change attempts in the past but leave them in the past. You are not somehow doomed to continue unproductive behaviors forever because all of us possess that jewel of evolution, the human mind, which is capable of just about anything. If we set our mind to any task, it will accomplish it if our doubts and misgivings don’t get in its way.


You have to develop a belief in the effectiveness of your own efforts. You need to identify the internal rewards that successful weight loss will bring. Feeling good about yourself, enjoying stepping on a scale, and easily zipping up your clothes are easy starters. Walking into a room full of people without feeling self-conscious is a reinforcement to dream about. Seeing someone you love watch you admiringly, or effortlessly running after your children in the park, underscores your resolve and keeps you going through the discomfort of dieting and the demands of exercise routines.


You know where you’re going.
You know what it’s going to take.
And you’re going to be successful.


Physical dominance can make you great.

Mental dominance is what ultimately makes you unstoppable.

Slimcerely yours℠,

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