Monthly Archives: June 2019

Obesity: Where is it Driving Us?

Driver behavior and driver health can have a serious impact on the lives of drivers, their passengers and the motorists and pedestrians around them. I’ll bet most of you have never considered that obese people are not as safe behind the wheel. I’ll bet you have never considered that obese people are  [Read more...]

Give Up on Giving Up

When we are trying to manifest any idea, reach any goal, achieve any measure of success, there will be setbacks, failures and disappointments. **Newsflash** — Setbacks, failures and disappointments are good for us! They are the best education we can get because they teach us to adapt. Giving up is  [Read more...]

Moving Mountains

When it comes to achieving a goal, we’ve all heard the expressions about having to take baby steps instead of giant leaps, about having to learn how to walk before we can run, etc. And that’s true . . . always. Only in the movies do people switch lifestyles overnight, suddenly cutting  [Read more...]

Negative Self-Talk

Be honest: Would you be friends with someone who constantly told you how fat you looked? Probably not for very long. Would you tolerate a friend who constantly berates you, who never misses an opportunity to tell you you’re hopeless and weak and that you’ll never lose weight? I doubt it.  [Read more...]

Summer: Sand, Sun, Sleep . . . Stroke?

It’s almost summer, and millions of folks will head to beaches and pools.Way too many people don’t drink any or nearly enough water at these locations: sodas, six-packs of beers are too commonplace . . . as is people falling asleep on beach chairs and towels. Why is this a problem?   [Read more...]