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Weight Gain Makes You Look Older

Why does gaining weight make you look older? It’s no coincidence that people who are slim and healthy as they age look so much younger. A major component of that is mental: They feel so good, they’re active, they’re engaged, they love life, they have very few limitations. Thus, they wear that  [Read more...]

Hefty with Hemorrhoids

Why does being overweight increase your chances of getting hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoid tissues are “cushions” of blood vessels that play an important role in helping your body eliminate waste. Food passes from the stomach through the intestines. The waste (stool) then travels through the colon to the rectum. It is stored in the rectum until  [Read more...]

Fat Owners, Fat Pets

How did so many of our pets get so overweight? Back in 2018, Susan Jenks of the New York Times published a story entitled “Our Fat Pets.” She shared statistics that, at that time, 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in America were at unhealthy weights. She quoted the Association for Pet  [Read more...]

Starving Yourself Will Not Work

First, let me be clear: When I say, “starving yourself doesn’t work in dieting,” I am referring to regularly and purposely skipping meals or eating super small meals . . . that sort of thing. I am not referring to the disease of anorexia (that’s a different topic for another day). It’s hard  [Read more...]