Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Female Gain Game

    One of the questions I get asked by many female clients is “Why does my friend eat anything she wants and never gains weight?”     And my answer is always the same: “Don’t worry, be happy; it’ll catch up with her!” . . . and believe me, folks, it always does.    [Read more...]

The Stress of The Dress

If your high school senior son or daughter is obese, and if you think peer pressure and teen socialization is tough as it is, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! No, I’m not talking about the stress of waiting for acceptances to all those college applications.I’m also not referring to the pressures teens  [Read more...]

The Weight of the Work Force

Obesity is a high risk for a long list of serious medical diagnoses, as well as poor health in general. That translates to higher healthcare costs associated with those medical issues. Two thirds of a typical American workforce is overweight or obese. They are at a higher risk for developing the diseases that  [Read more...]

Weight Is Not a Food Problem

Too many people think weight is a food problem.  It’s not.   Weight is also not a physical problem.     The fact is that our bodies will react to what our minds are thinking.   Weight gain (or loss) has more to do with what’s going on between our ears than anything else!  [Read more...]