Monthly Archives: October 2016

Can’t?! If You’re Potty Trained, You CAN!

I recently wrote about how “I don’t know” is tied with “I don’t have time” for the #1 spot on the hit parade of excuses heard regularly from weight loss clients.The #2 spot?Well, that’s definitely “I can’t.”OMG . . . I hate that freakin’ word can’t.It’s not in my vocabulary. Here’s the short [Read more...]

Tick, Tock . . . It’s Time to Make Time to Lose Weight

Tied with “I Don’t Know”in the #1 spot for excuses from weight loss clients is the old standby, “I don’t have time.” Sound familiar? I recently read a fabulous article by Robert Bacall, Do You Lie To Yourself About “Not Enough Time?”,which gets right to the heart of the matteron the true meaning [Read more...]

The Slim Person You Seek Is Inside You

Aurorasa Sima is an Emotional Intelligence Trainer, business and executive coach who conducts sales training sessions, workshops, webinars and other events.In a recent blog, Do You Want to Search or Find, she mentioned how oftentimes after a training session someone will come up to her and say, “I knew all of that” and her [Read more...]

Are You In An Unhealthy Relationship . . . With Yourself?

I recently read a very good post on the professional social network, LinkedIn,by Mareo McCracken, This is Why You Are Sabotaging Relationships (+8 Actionable Ideas to Build Incredible Ones). It wason the subject of sabotaging relationships when it comes to success (or failure) in business.It stood out for me because of two words:SABOTAGING [Read more...]